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Channels and Chat Overview

Teams allows several methods of communication with people both inside and outside your organization. This document serves as a brief overview of the most common options.

  1. The Chat section is used for private chats between one or more people. Chat works similar to text or group text on a cell phone.
  2. The Teams section contains channels which are provide a place to talk to all members of a team. By default an organization will have a General team channel.


Listed below are a few of the main options you may want to use in a Teams chat:

  1. Start a chat with someone. You can also search for an external Teams user by typing their full email address
  2. List of recent chats
  3. Share your screen
  4. Add additional users to this chat
  5. Type your messages here
  6. Attach a file for others in chat to see
  7. Schedule a meeting


Teams channels work a lot like Chat.

  1. List of teams and their channels. By default your organization will only have a organization-wide team and general channel.
  2. Type in this box to chat
  3. You can reply directly to messages to keep on topic
  4. Add an attachment for the team to see
  5. Meet now will create a meeting with team members
Updated on June 22, 2021

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