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Connecting your new phone

This guide will show how to connect your new phone to the network.

Identify the cables attached to your existing phone if applicable. These cables will plug into the same ports on your new phone.


This is the connection from your phone to the rest of the network, shown in blue in the picture above. Depending on the phone manufacturer it may be labeled:

  • Internet
  • Network
  • LAN


This is only used to connect a computer if there are no additional wired connections available at the wall plate.

This is the connection from the phone to a computer or other device which shares the same physical network connection at the wall. Depending on the phone manufacturer it may be labeled:

  • Computer
  • PC
  • Passthrough


Most locations will utilize equipment that powers the phone from the network connection. The power adapter is only required if the phone does not power on from the network.

Wired Headset

If you have a wired headset, it will connect to the phone using this port


This is where the handset cord for your phone will connect.

Updated on November 29, 2021

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