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Requesting Support

There are several ways to request support. This document will walk you through how to receive support and how support requests are processed.

How to Receive Support

  1. You can email us at support@bankeit.com
  2. You can call us at (321) 607-3000
  3. You can open a ticket using our web portal here.

Processing Support Requests

  1. Once we receive a support request we will immediately create a ticket with the person requesting as the main contact.
  2. We review the request and determine the urgency of the support request based on the information provided.
  3. If required, we reach out to a superior to approve the request.
  4. We begin gathering information and start to resolve the issue. We will keep you posted by replying to the ticket, calling on the phone, or reaching out via our chat support tool.


Certain support requests have higher priority than others due to how they affect a business. As we assign the priority of support requests, we can give some insight as to what will be prioritized and how to get support as fast as possible.

High Priority Examples: (Entire Company is Affected)

  • Network Down
  • Theft of company laptop
  • Data Loss

Medium Priority Examples: (An Employee or Small Group of Employees are Inconvenienced)

  • Password reset or employee lockout
  • Printing/Scanning errors on main copier
  • Need to add an employee to a Shared Calendar or Team

Low Priority Examples: (Implement a Change or Add Something New)

  • Set up a New Employee
  • Change the Phone System IVR
  • Add a new printer or device

How to Quicken Low Priority Request Processing

Let us know in advance! Most of the low priority support requests that we receive are for things that can be sent in well in advance, such as hiring a new employee. We want your employees to arrive on their first day with a computer, email address, and phone extension all ready and waiting for them. For new employees and general adds/moves/changes, we request that you let us know at least 3 days in advance.

Updated on October 14, 2021

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