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Why Do We Use Keeper?

Users often write down, reuse, or use insecure passwords which can lead to compromised accounts. A password manager solves all of these while also providing convenience. We have chosen Keeper as the password manager we deploy to all clients.

What is Keeper?

Keeper is a password manager. Password managers create and store passwords and usernames for you, allowing you to use very complex passwords that are random strings of letters, numbers, and symbols without having to write them down or attempt to remember them. These random strings are realistically impossible to guess and take years to brute force with scripts.

Why Keeper?

Everything stored in Keeper is encrypted. The only time your information in Keeper is decrypted is when you enter your master password, and even then it is only decrypted locally on your machine so no one but you can see your information.

Keeper is also simple and requires little training to use, especially with the options to have keeper autofill your usernames and passwords. If you would like to learn how to enable autofill we have a guide here. Even if you don’t want to enable autofill, Keeper allows you to log in with just 2 clicks instead of having to type your username and password every time.

How does this affect me?

Overall, Keeper makes things easier for you. Now you only have to remember one strong password at the beginning of your day, and allow Keeper to do the rest. Not only are your passwords stronger, you don’t have to stress about remembering them anymore, just remember your master password to log into Keeper and you’re all set.

Updated on June 29, 2021

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